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22 Jan

I hear a car

Pull up outside

Then I hear it drive past

I feel this sadness inside

I anxiously wait

For a person to arrive

But I don’t know who for

And I don’t know why

Like I’m expecting someone

But they are late

Never on time

As I anxiously wait

Not knowing who for

And not knowing why

Then I suddenly remember

You never said goodbye.


Journey to the Soul

20 Jan

‘When are you going to find a nice gentleman to take care of you?’ asked her aunt

‘My career has just got off on the right foot, so finding a man isn’t on top of my agenda’ she replied.

Her aunt still went on ‘do you not think that time is not on your side dear? You need to find a good man, start a family before your clock stops ticking, like your cousins, they had the right idea’.

‘Well I’m not them, I am me, Nicole McPhee and on my way to success. I’m happy and I don’t need a man’. Nicole remained polite but had had enough of this interrogation from an Aunt who she rarely saw, and to compare her to her two alcoholic cousins was an insult. So she made her excuses and left her aunt and co gossiping till their hearts were content.

Nicole found respite in the garden away from the noisy natter to gather her thoughts. The fact that she followed a career rather then start a family had always played on her mind. The way it just happened, and how it was never something she had actually made a conscious decision for. She had always assumed she could have the best of both worlds. As she sat there in the garden, she reluctantly felt a deep discontentment, but told herself ‘you are happy, you are content, don’t listen to others opinions,’ but she knew she was kidding herself and could not help but wonder if a family would give her the satisfaction she deniably lacked Would it fill that empty hole in her heart that she refused to acknowledge. Do people really just live for their children? Then what about those who don’t have children?

Kenneth, her Aunt’s neighbour broke her pattern of thoughts.

‘You need to visit the islands of Chowower!’

‘Excuse me,’ Nicole replied after scanning the garden to find where this intervening voice came from.

‘Yeah Chowower, you’ll find yourself there babe!’

Nicole looked very puzzled and asked ‘Ermm why do you say that?’

Kenneth let out a huge cloud of smoke, as he responded,

‘I overheard all that stuff, you know, all that stuff you were just going on about babe…’

Even more puzzled, Nicole’s eyes squinted as she realised she must have been thinking out loud!

‘Oh my god I was talking to myself’ she laughed.

Kenneth snorted like a pig when he laughed as he let out more smoke.

‘Far out’ He said.

‘You need to chill out a little babe’ and passed her the joint over the fence. Kenneth went inside and came back out with a map.

‘Here babe, this is where you go if you want your existence to make sense’. He took the joint off Nicole and continued,

‘if you feel like your life sucks, you need to see where the word sucks was invented, the whole meaning of sucks formulated here babe, the poverty and devastation you witness here makes people like you realise how bloody lucky you are’.

Nicole felt this huge sense of guilt, but at the same time knew she did not contribute to any infliction of cruelty in this world.

‘Excuse me, whatever your name is. I do realise how lucky I am, and I do understand the state of poverty and stuff, but I’m not super woman and I can’t save the world,’ she gasped.

‘My name is Kenneth babe. I’m just saying hun, if you want to feel inner peace, you need to open your eyes in order to open your heart, see the world, find yourself’.

Nicole sighed and agreed,

‘You know what Kenneth, you’re right.’

My story of the tooth fairy

3 Jan

Once upon a time in a land far away, was an enchanted forest. And in this forest lived three fairies, Drake, Rosa and Blossom. They all shared a magical little dwelling, in a hole of an old oak tree. They had all teamed together with sticks, feathers, shells, pebbles, and bark to turn this small habitat into a beautiful fairy mansion.

The fairies would spend the day together at home, mostly asleep, because throughout the night they would be very busy visiting the homes of human beings. The fairies would search under the children’s pillows for baby teeth. And in replacement for the teeth, they would leave a small payment for each tooth. This was a risky task for the fairies, because they had to take special care in order not to be seen by any human being, especially the stompers.  The stompers were mean humans who would stomp on a fairy at any given opportunity.

At the end of each night, the fairies would have thousands of baby milk teeth all gathered in their magic sacks to take to their Queen Tania. The powerful Queen Tania was a very kind and caring Queen, whose only wish, was for the whole world to be happy and content. But in order for her wish to be granted, she needed to make sure each child was rewarded for their tooth, to ensure each child was happy, so that their happiness would forever last, and spread.