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Beautiful Islam is Beautiful

27 Mar

Beautiful Islam is Beautiful

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for years received revelations from God through the Angel Gabriel, which collectively formed the Quran, and its preaching’s became known as Islam. Islam has been around for thousands of years, and was introduced to the United Kingdom in the year 1707.

Islam in basic terms means the submission to God. Islam promotes peace, and ensures a purpose for our existence; the rules that govern it are simply reassuring, yet are unduly slammed.

Many quotes from the Quran have certainly been misinterpreted, such as, in Verse 9:123, it states – ‘Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you’. Yes it does suggest waging war on the non-believers, but in actuality means Muslims are allowed to defend their homes, their family’s and themselves when being attacked only. It is forbidden to antagonise, and If the aggressor has walked away, then so should you too.

Those who have taken the time to study the true meanings of the Quran, and those who accept Islam react to situations with a rational mind; they cope with grief far better, and are more capable when dealing with calamities.

Today many people strive for financial success and a well-regarded status. These people render such ambitions as their solitary life goals. Once achieved many of these people are not satisfied. Regardless of gaining everything they ever wanted; their lives are still empty.

Cat Stevens, an exceedingly talented and successful musician topped the charts with his harmonious creations in the 1970’s with ‘The first cut is the deepest’ and ‘Moon Shadow, Moon Shadow’. He gave all this up to become a Muslim Revert in 1977. Legendary singer’s Michael Jackson, Tu Pac and notorious boxers Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Chris Eubank have all reverted to the Nation of Islam.  This supports the idea that financial success, stardom and high status are not necessarily fulfilling and do not satisfy the soul.

The media deludes and inflicts negative effects on today’s society. The majority of people are left dissatisfied because they cannot attain the material things advertised on TV.  People focus on material things as a distraction from all the sadness and suffering in the world. Depression is rife and many people seek comfort in medication, drugs and alcohol. Large circles thrive on a ‘Shameless’ culture to add some excitement to their opportunity-less lives. Substance consumption helps people escape the pressures and demands of society. This can have fatal consequences on the body, even possible death. These people simply do not know any better, or choose not to know and accept this as their destiny.

Those that ask the question, do I have a purpose? They seek answers, and they find them in Islam. Islam is not a hobby, it is a way of life, and kindly encourages us to take care of ourselves, our families, and our elders.

In regards to any unjust action from one or many Muslims, we have to remember, Islam is perfect, but Muslims are not, and it is unfair to categorise all Muslims as the same. Therefore Islam should be admired rather than slammed; celebrated rather than ignored, and accepted rather than condemned.


My hero!

1 Mar

My hero, he speaks with wisdom

Realistic, cool and balanced

He doesn’t claim pride or power

But he’s wise like peace, like reason

People seek possession

They want what’s in the commercials

My hero, he laughs at persuasion

The media cannot sway him

Some only eat for pleasure

Over indulge and stuff their faces

Show off in expensive places

My hero only eats to survive.

Those that rely on laughing

Chase a buzz, to gain a high

My hero, his pain is too unyielding

He lives each day, just to get by.