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The ghost on the track

12 Nov


Down on the Folkestone harbour along the viaduct is an old rail track which became derelict in 2009. It was proposed that the viaduct be demolished, but the Remembrance Line Association instead preserved it as a heritage line, a ‘Leaving for War’ memorial dedicated to the troops that arrived on trains to the branch and left on ships to fight in both World War I and II. Hence Varga Weisz’s five-headed sculpture placed on the unused rail line. There is no longer any reason other than sightseeing to visit this location that most tourists are unaware of.

Many years ago, something happened here. Something very bad. Not openly spoke of, due to it being a very sensitive matter amongst the local people of Folkestone. A young new mother aged only 16, had just been discharged from hospital with her new-born baby. Previously suffering with a deep depression and grief of her young lover dying in Afghanistan couldn’t face the struggle of mothering her child alone, and was ridden with a deep despair.

This one cold and drizzly afternoon the young woman took her child down to the station. Passers by, if having noticed her at all, only assumed she was catching a train. Hugging her new-born tight, to her chest, completely unexpected, still clasping her child tight, she threw herself straight in front of a passing train.

The train driver slammed on the brakes, but the train continued further down the tracks until eventually stopping. Everyone in shock, people screaming, and passengers frantically trying to find out what the hell had just happened. No one able to speak… the guards in the station came running out and evacuated the area. People on the train were told to remain inside, and an announcement was made, ‘Please bare with us as we are experiencing an unfortunate delay.’

This was an unfortunate event indeed, and this traumatic occasion will stay with the passengers and most certainly the staffs memories forever. Though, every day at exactly 3:47pm it is said that visitors to this isolated and derelict area have heard the sounds of a baby crying… yet no baby is to be seen. No one is to be seen. Just the echo of a crying baby…