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Reptile Girl

5 Feb

Reptile Girl

This struggle to feel connected continued, and still, this deep underlying desire continued to push Nicole to realise that there was something more. Nicole had always been interested in the supernatural and the like, so found herself quite often researching into fascinating things, especially after having conversations with people about things she was never even aware of, such as the apparent discovery of Rods. Now these rod like creatures apparently fly so fast in the air that the human eye can’t possibly see, and the only way a person can see them is by adjusting the speed settings on their camera. Nicole’s work colleague learned of them by watching a documentary on Animal Planet about these adrenaline junkies base jumping deep into a 1300 foot cave in Mexico. These inquisitive creatures were unexpectedly seen on camera footage observing and flying around these thrill seekers, as if they were playing, like the way that dolphins amuse themselves riding the bow waves of ships and surfing coastal swells. Without these supernatural and mythical aspects of life Nicole easily became bored; so eternally bored.

Nicole went for a walk to see if she can see these rods. Nicole’s not very technical when it comes to camera settings, cameras always seemed to pack in on her, and instead she takes a stroll in chance of miraculously seeing a rod, still a little sceptical, but there’s no harm in trying – her usual motto.

The ground was damp and shimmering from the sun resting on the horizon over the cars parked on the side of the road. Nicole could barely see up the road as the sun was almost blinding. So Nicole took a look behind her to refresh her eyes, and she noticed how bold the clouds appeared hovering over the illuminated rooftops, completely still. The sky bluer than expected after the rain, and the clouds aligned perfectly horizontally just above the houses. The contrasting shades of the clouds took Nicole’s mind completely away from her rod searching; Nicole took a picture and walked on until she got to the alley. Now this is where Nicole thought she might find some rods; amongst the trees. Having made way out of blind sight Nicole could really observe around the trees and in between the branches. Nicole felt conscious of looking weird in case anyone were to see her taking pictures, she quickly snapped away while suspiciously looking around and thought perhaps if these creatures did exist would they be hanging around an area where people often pass by, and next to peoples gardens? Looking through the wire mesh to her left Nicole noticed how neglected some gardens had become and wondered what kind of people let their gardens get so bad?

Nicole looked on ahead over at the hills and made it her mission to get there, with less likely distractions and much prettier attractions. Finally when Nicole reached the top of the hill she could take in the view of the other side of the council estate; the town area. You can see clearly how the town is situated in what could be described as a valley opening out to the sea, surrounded either side by the famous white cliffs of Dover, and the castle beautifully placed on the left, almost visible from any part of town.

Nicole vaguely recalls being told by her old History teacher that the castle was built by Henry the VIII. Nicole had a secret crush on him, not Henry the VIII, but her history teacher! Even though he was completely arrogant and just thought she was thick, he made no attempt at hiding it, even implying that not everyone is cut out for university, assuming she was too thick to understand that he was insinuating about her. She believed he had a secret crush on her too; this was something Nicole would never express to anyone as something almost for certain would be said jokingly in class. He thought she was just a show pony and that he could easily induce her into a squeamish hell by going into great detail of the interrogation techniques used in the Elizabethan era such as the torture rack; an instrument in which the criminals body would be slowly stretched by rollers and chains to the point of the poor persons joints becoming dislocated and eventually completely separating. The scavenger’s daughter, instead of pulling the body apart it would compress the body together. The brank, this was used to humiliate mainly woman accused of gossip, lying, and offending others, this was a cage placed on a woman’s head, and any attempt for her to talk spikes would automatically press on her tongue causing her agonising pain. The copper boot, this was secured onto the victims foot, and the torturer could use many ways to inflict excruciating pain, such as pouring molten metals or boiling water inside the boot and placing it over fire for further boiling. Brodequin, which was made from boards of wood used to crush the victims legs together so tight causing the bones to explode until bone marrow seeped out. But what really edged in her mind by the words of that history teacher was the hanged drawn and quartered! This punishment was inflicted on men having committed crimes such as treason. He described this act so brutally that this did make her squirm, along with the whole class, some covering their ears! The criminal was hanged by the neck to the brink of death, but while still alive the torturer would slice open the body, extracting the intestines and dropping them on to burning hot slabs, all while the victim is still alive. She found his attempts quite pathetic until then!

Then, at the time when the grim tales were told Nicole had no personal connections to them, life was roses, but now, thinking about what was said, all the blood and gore brought back the painful memories Nicole tried so desperately hard to forget. Nicole repeated to herself “The power of now, the power of now.” In a desperate attempt to remain present she forced herself to look around her surroundings, taking in her views to distract her damaging thought patterns from spiralling out of control. She forgot for a moment why she was here. What was the point of her coming up here? “Ah, the rods” she gasped!

Nicole looked but it was like waiting for a white board to turn black. She really focused on the atmosphere, straining her vision to see these stick like and wingless, otherwise featureless rods. Even for a flash. A quick flash just to suggest they exist. Or is the evidence all over the internet just hoaxes and fables? Nicole wasn’t sure if it was a trick of her own vision or if what she could see was actually there. And of what she could see was really there and not just a figment of her imagination, then she couldn’t work out if what she could see was close to her and very small or further away and perhaps a bit bigger. It certainly wasn’t rods what she was noticing but only what she could describe as like hovering germs, darting about, so small, almost undetectable. Nicole was thinking is this some kind of energy that humans weren’t usually tuned in to see? Had she developed or become aware of certain senses usually repressed by the human mind?  Or was it just a figment of her imagination? Or an illusion created by straining her vision?

Nicole looked back down the hill, leading back down to the estate; the messy gardens, the rundown council houses and the noise of shoddy cars, dogs barking and people shouting, and she just thought this is it isn’t it! This is all there is to life. No rods, no ghosts, no aliens… nothing but this dreary existence based on struggle. We live, we struggle and we bloody die!

This cynical attitude became a habit for Nicole, and as she walked back home, back down the hill, past the pylons towards the council estate, back through the estate past the rows of cream coloured houses, all shaped the same. All with the same grey tiled rooftops, red bricked chimneys, and doubled glazed windows with some boarded up; it never even crossed her mind that she may have just made a leap forward in evolution. Even in the past when Nicole had seen supernatural occurrences with her own eyes, with no doubt, she always managed to brush it off as some reasonable or technical explanation. As much as she wanted to believe she just couldn’t. Nicole once believed. But after everything that happened to her she kind of lost her faith, in anything, everything, even people, apart from her cats. Nicole was so alone and no one ever made any attempt to befriend her. Her only nice interaction received by anyone, was pity.

As she came off the banks onto the roundabout, turning to her left she could see a group of youngsters coming away from the road consisting of pretty much just factories. It was Sunday so this group can’t have been factory workers. She then recognised one of the lads from the estate.

‘What ya staring at weirdo?’ was his reaction.

She didn’t retaliate. This is the same lad who yells abuse at her every time she’s passed him. He’s a nasty piece of work, and he actually frightens her. So as she scurried passed, she felt like a right cockroach with her head held low.

‘Av that ya retard.’

He chucked mud at her and they all laughed. She wiped the mud off and looked at them.

‘Ahhh look, look at her face!’

‘It’s a fucking monster!’ another one shouted.

Nicole ran, she ran so fast home, and when she got home, she ran to her room and cried. She sobbed her poor heart out until her head hurt so bad she couldn’t physically cry any more.

Nicole remained numb for days, unable to get out of bed. Nicole didn’t even have any motivation to get up and eat. She just about made it to the toilet, only when having to get up to feed the cats. What ever there was in the house to eat had by now gone off. Eventually Nicole found some energy to get up, go to the bank, collect her sick pay and go to Morrison’s and buy some food – mainly because the cats needed feeding. Walking around Morrison’s every grocery was tempting, everything looked deliciously appealing. Firstly the fruit section, no, just as she walked through the barriers were a stand full of fluffy blueberry muffins calling ‘Nicole, you want to eat me, with a nice hot cup of tea to wash me away as I’m stuck on your palette,’ so in the trolley they went. Then the Fruit! Oh the strawberries were looking brighter, bigger and juicier than ever before, calling ‘Nicole you want to dip me in melted chocolate, you want to dip me in champagne, rub me on your lips and suck the juice from me.’ In the veg section Nicole picked up nearly every vegetable and thought she would make a week’s worth of stew enough to feed the homeless. Nicole bought cakes, chocolate, biscuits, crisps, crackers, bread, buns, crumpets, the bloody lot! She stocked up on tins, pasta, rice and heaps of different sauces. Nicole filled her trolley with stuff from every isle, things she wouldn’t use or even need. Her trolley was over flowing, literally. She even planned to come back and get more.

This was the first sign of Nicole’s mania. Her shopping wouldn’t end even when skint. She would continue to shop – but not pay! Nicole was now invincible; her mind working too fast to be aware of anything going on around her, she was liable for causing accidents. Just like the fire that killed her sleeping lover, and left her burnt, scarred, and physically disfigured.

Just like then; now; Nicole was conjuring up a plan – a plan for revenge! That boy, the one who took the mick, who laughed at her face, he was going down, and he would go down in the most sickening, humiliating and painful way Nicole could imagine. Nicole prepared a room in her house. She nailed hooks in the walls, attached Ann Summers handcuffs. She laid out an array of freshly sharpened kitchen knives, sowing needles, darts, and a staple gun on a table made of wicker. She also prepared duct tape, anaesthetic and pepper spray. She covered the walls in gruesome pictures printed from the internet. She tied a rope to the lamp shade. All was ready and perfect for when she brought this nasty rogue to her home. That part was easy. She was to lure him in with pot, cigarettes and beer. She would get him there, and spike him with sleeping pills and he would wake up handcuffed to the wall, feet tied and duct taped at the mouth. Nicole knew exactly what she was going to do to this brute. In her mind for the benefit of mankind! “Indeed” she thought “This young man is going to suffer!”