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Tarot Cards

22 Jul

Wisdom of Trees Oracles – those are my new tarot cards. They are divided into four decks, that being the roots (with an ancient message to you on grounding), the trunks (healing and growth), the leaves and flowers (wisdom), the fruits and seeds (understanding and manifesting your power).

I am yet to do a reading without checking the meaning, but regardless of that my readings have been pretty spot on and inspiring so far. Already I have found a deep connection with my cards.

During a horse-shoe spread today I pretty much determined the cards even before they were turned. This was a rewarding experience for myself and insightful for my friend.

I started tarot reading about 12 years ago and on one occasion I remember reading some guys cards at a party and I told him that all these people in the room, he thought, were his friends were not, and one day they will ‘stab him in the back’. Four years later, after I had just come back from spending a year travelling Thailand and Australia this guy came bouncing up to me in the street, swung his arm around my neck and said to his girlfriend ‘this is the girl I was telling you about, she’s a witch’. Because apparently and in fact I know this is true, two years after me reading his cards his best mate literally did ‘stab him in the back’.

Don’t be scared by this, cards can’t make things happen, they can only predict them to an extent, because you have to remember that only you can be in charge of your own destiny, the cards are just there to guide you. And these tree cards are really good at that. Whether you believe in tarot or not I guarantee you will walk away feeling lifted. And if you think tarot is the devils work let me tell you a little story which may be relevant to how we feel about our beliefs.

I grew up free to believe what I wanted to believe. My dad couldn’t say, and rightly so, whether God really did exist. He just felt if there was a God he’s a cruel bastard. He didn’t know if there was a God or not but he did say what he believed. He felt that nature was in it’s own right a God. The way a baby kangaroo instinctively knows to crawl into its mother’s pouch, the way bees instinctively know to collect pollen, the way trees produce oxygen, distill water, fixes nitrogen, provides a home for many living organisms each with their own purpose at contributing towards the continuation of life. Nature in itself is magical. I mean what is it inside of these organisms that make them perform such important tasks. Nature. Who created nature and what put it there is all very subjective.

Now I always wondered upon this and came up with so many possibilities. My main consideration was our size. Were we (that being our universe) something much smaller to something big. Are we a cell in someones brain, or running through their bloodstream? Are we some tiny microbe floating around in a dirty pond in some giant’s garden? I’ve heard all kinds of theories and one being that we could be an experiment in some kind of matrix, but I wanted real answers.

I thought by travelling the world I could gain some real insight, if not upon understanding the world, perhaps upon understanding myself. I left England believing crystals, tarot, and psychics, but I had some doubt. I didn’t want doubts. I wanted to fully believe. My dad said I was green and going to end up in some kind of cult, brainwashed and made to do crazy things. That was his warning of course but ‘I knew better’ of course!

In Australia I met Kabala followers and I have to say I was nearly convinced until I found out they sacrifice the lives of frogs for some kind of magical outcome. So I got speaking to Harry Chrisner followers and even to this day I admire the idea. I spoke of Monks in Thailand, and what they believe is hopefully for them worthwhile. But it wasn’t until ‘I met a guy’ that his words of wisdom sunk in me like a rock falling into the sea from another planet.

Bilal, escapee soldier from Lebanon with a ballet wound to his head picked me up in a Sydney nightclub in Kings Cross. He was Muslim and spoke of Islam in such a powerful light. I was smitten by him and his devotion. He said he couldn’t be with me properly because I’m not Muslim. So I tried to become Muslim. He still couldn’t be with me properly because Allah would know my real heart and intentions. So I really did try to believe. I even sacrificed music, I love music but Islam believes that music is brainwashing.

I had to leave Australia to come home and care for my dying father. I just wanted my dad to believe in Allah too, I honestly felt that by me believing in Allah he would spare my dads soul.

Bilal was history and I met another Muslim. I convinced myself I couldn’t fully convert because I didn’t live in a Muslim community so occasionally I ‘lost my way’. A lot of British Muslims ‘lose their way’ now and again until they finally grow up and decide to settle down.

I really don’t want to bad mouth Islam or anything because I know myself how defensive Muslims can become over their religion. I was there myself. It can be a beautiful ideology when not taken out of context by extremists.

Anyway after a little scalding by getting involved with the ones that ‘lost their way’ I can truly say I’ve woken up and reality has hit me hard. My point is this Muslim thing is what steared me from my own path or it helped me get here, who knows? I’ve definitely gained a bit of wisdom along the way.

Islam believes Tarot is ‘dancing with the Devil’. I don’t believe that anymore and I can safely say that rock has finally lifted, or I could piss-takingly say ‘I’m eating bacon!’

Tarot is mystical, spiritual, and enlightening, and my cards are but natures message to guide your way.