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O Rhesus Negative

12 Mar


Here is the link to read my story based on my own theory surrounding other theories and research on the O Rhesus Negative blood type. The O Rhesus Negative blood type is universal, which means this blood can be given to anyone, even animals, although only O Rhesus Negative can only accept blood from their own type. It is not clear where this blood type comes from as it is not connected to the monkey gene, which is the Rhesus factor, hence the name Rhesus ”Negative.”

It is interesting because an O Rhesus Negative mother who is preganant¬†with a man who is not O Rhesus Negative, has to be given an anti D shot to prevent antigens forming in her body, the injection is said to protect future unborn babies from being attacked by her blood cells. It begs to question whether this is natural and whether O Rhesus Negative females should be ”mating” with any other blood type. Anyway, if this is a matter of interest to you I hope you enjoy my story. Click on the link to read.


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